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How To Increase PageViews Blog

Increase PageView Blog
How to Increase Page Views Blog - Finally able to update this blog again, after yesterday I have been posting on Is Blog That Has Alexa Rank Sleek Will Have Many Visitors? , Now I will discuss about how to increase the page views of our blog...

I often blog likens it like a book or magazine. Each post will create a page, if we are posting the page on the blog we are also more and more. The view that the number of pages viewed by visitors to the blog. A couple of times it can open an existing page on our blog. How to increase blog page views mean how can I make a blog that came to us it could open up more pages. So we make our visitors or blog readers it comfortable to linger in our blog. Some say page views this will affect the ranking on Alexa gives our blog. We just do that surgery with our blog page views increased sharply

1. Making Related Articles on Final Post
Posts that we post there certainly are a label or category. We can use the label or category to display other writings that selabel or sekategori under post. Promoting writings extant writings are read kaitannyadengan readers will provide greater opportunities to be clicked.

2. Creating Internal Links On Any Posts
The point is that we provide a link to the post in which we are nothing to do with. The difference with related articles featuring titles related internal link while it inserts a link to a word that has to do with the previous posts. Internal links can also we call inbound links.

3. Formatting Summary Form RSS FEED
There are three options, namely the title alone, summaries, and full. RSS FEED Choose the summary format, so that our writing customers to enjoy fully the need to visit our blog.

4. Containing make Postings Compilation
We can make a post that it is a collection-a collection of writings us.

5. Creating Writing continued
If we often write the kind of writing that discusses in depth, create continued writing. We divide into sections and make each end of the section to be curious. Readers will eventually come looking for connections or read the text.

6. Improve Quality and Quantity Posts
What would be opened if there is a blog post that we are still a little. Therefore we increase the quantity of posts, frequently update our blog. But it also should not be original update, must be balanced with the quality of writing that makes writing interesting and could be followed by the reader.

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