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Info Exam Anbu BlackOps Level 80 (COMING SOON)

Info Exam Hack Level 80 (Coming Soon)

Info Exam Anbu BlackOps Level 80(COMING SOON), kali ini saya akan memberitahu bahwa ninja saga akan segera membuka exam(ujian) baru bagi char kita yang sudah level 80.

Info Chapter

Chapter 1 - Uprising of the Undead Invasion
 Your mission is to protect the village from undeads. It seems pretty strong undeads as if someone has been strengthening them. Each undeads fully revive after 18 rounds of their death. The following undeads appearing on this first battle is: Earth-35000 HP (resistance to stuns), Air-35000 HP (purifying never change), Wind-25000 HP (230 Agility, 60% dodge chance).

The second battle is where Yosuzume appear along with the other strong undeads: Fire-24000 HP (70% Increases damage every turn), Guntur-24000 HP (70% critical chance).
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Chapter 2 - Anaki's Forces
 You will have Anaki encounter. It was he who summoned all the undeads to become stronger and better. You must stop him before he summons more of them undeads invincible! The following undeads that will help Anaki are:
Thunder-28000 HP (80% chance of critical), Fire-28000 HP (90% Increases damage every turn). This is different undeads, so undeads fully revive in 15 rounds after their death. Anaki has 38000 HP

Chapter 3 - The Surprising Reunion
You are confronted by people who you met before. You begin to have a battle against Kyotaro, Mudo, Izo. They try to stop you from interfering with Kojima plans. You have to kill them in 50 rounds. Kyotaro has a new jutsu called Melody of Death (cause 'curse' status on all targets. Targets died instantly in 5 rounds if not removed this status). Mudo has all the jutsu was upgraded to the level of seed such as stun for 3 turns, etc. Izo has a new jutsu called rapid fire (some damage), compacted shot (great damage and defense open), and a machine gun (causing bleeding all targets for turns only) .

Chapter 4 - outraging Attack
It seems that 50 rounds is not enough to stop you Kojima. Kojima now call the legendary serpent beast. This beast has a 5 head, meaning 5 lives! Total HP for Snake this beast is 50000. Each HP 10000 reduced, disabling head when you start reducing HP more than the Snake. The Snake animal gets 5 attacks in one turn. Reduce 10000 HP of Animals Snakes, and reduce the number of attacks a turn. Yofukin appear to assist you to record the Snake Beast. He said that he knows how to close it after defeating the beast. Yofukin slot takes up space in your recruitment. (Meaning you can only recruit a friend or NPC)

Chapter 5 - Seal the Beast!
After defeating the beast, Yofukin give instructions on how to seal the beast. After giving instructions on sealing the first head of the Beast Snake, you have to close the other 4 head and body on your own without the help of Yofukin it. You have a time limit to cover the entire head and body before the seal is broken on the raging Snake Beast.

Chapter 6 - Kojima and Vadar
Kojima somehow had enough time to unseal Vadar. How Kojima do that? We do not know. Kojima then call the barrier a special where you and Yofukin can not escape and recruit friends or NPC. This barrier is so special that it also disables you from using scrolls to heal HP or CP. Kojima and Vadar has a normal attack as usual with the two of them have 40000 HP.
Special Chapter-The Furious Battle (Only for HARD mode)
If you go on Easy Mode, then you'll see Yofukin left the village and was never seen again after the defeat Kojima and Vadar because they are dead and their bodies have never been found.
If you go HARD Mode, then you will continue this special chapter. This is where Kojima and Vadar have enough time to play and go serious and angry. Kojima and Vadar both went into their true form and ready to kill you and Yofukin. Yofukin see how dangerous this so that it uses the White Monk Spirit also force him to get ready for the final fight. As I said, you are still under the special Kojima barrier so you can not recruit any NPC or friends and get away from the fighting. You can also use a roll in this battle. Yofukin will try our best to protect you when he fights against Kojima and Vadar with you. Both Kojima and Vadar has 55000 HP and strong attacks, so you have to defend or avoid it. You have 50 rounds to reduce Kojima and HP Vadar to 5%.

After you reduce them to 5% HP, you will see that Kojima and Vadar is HP regeneration. Yofukin see that it is useless to kill them because they regenerate HP. Yofukin said that the only way to put an end Kojima and regeneration and kill Vadar is to use LIGHT JUDGEMENT. This shows flashes of white flash against Kojima and Vadar of White mode Yofukin Monk's Life. This apocalypse is so strong that light burn any part of Kojima and Vadar within reach Yofukin it. This light is so strong that end it also caused damage Yofukin to use too much light causes skin to go dry and her eyes became blind. Yofukin died after the death of Kojima and Vadar. No part of Kojima and Vadar left, but a small piece Yofukin left in the ground. Here is a picture of what a similar death Yofukin would have.

  • Activates the usage of Animal Summoning Technique
  • Exclusive Clothing
  • Genjutsu: Solar Energy (Only acquired on Hard Mode. Effect: Recover the team's chakra 850 for 4 turns)
  • Anbu Black Ops Rank (Only acquired on Easy Mode)
  • Special Anbu Black Ops Rank (Only acquired on Hard Mode)
ScreenShot Reward Anbu BlackOps
Reward Exam Black Ops 

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